Hello, friends. The journey is about to begin! It's been a long one, but I realize now the timing is perfect. The first step (or word, or brush stroke, or prototype) is always the most difficult, but there is a true beauty in being in a place of vulnerability. Right now, VNC has to trust in its mission and believe that people actually want what we have to offer. And what is that, exactly? Well, on paper it's videos and retreats and speaking engagements, but in reality its about something much deeper. Vital North was created to be challenging. To be refreshing. To change, in some small aspect, the way the world works. We have to trust people want more.

While Vital North is a business, it's more importantly an expression of deep love for the people of this world. Sure, we hope to make a profit and keep our families fed, but that really isn't important if the world we live in is a terrible place. Vital North has to be about more. I know I can't give this much of my life to something I don't believe in. Who I am has to become what I do, or else what is the point? We only get one shot at this, so there's no excuse to not give everything you can everyday.

With this in mind, I wanted to share a cool video about taking the first step. Climb the mountain and find your Vital North.