Vital North Creative is about finding ways to share what you do with the world. We believe everyone has a purpose, and we're passionate about getting those stories to the public.

Maybe the best way to do this is a high end, narrative film. Perhaps it's a photo, or an event, a new logo, or a brainstorming session. While our bread and butter is undeniably video production, we have the ability to help you in a variety of ways. 

Everyone's Vital North is unique. Maybe it's your family. Or a business. Or skateboarding. Or your faith. Or a community issue. Whatever it is, a Vital North is something on which you can hang all your hats. It's that fire inside, the voice that won't quit. We believe that when people acknowledge this call, have that kind of focus and that level of self examination, they are empowered to create greater and greater things. When we remove our distractions and funnel our energy into what truly matters, the world changes. All powerful people in history have discovered this. Now, the challenge is to make sure we're using our lives to improve this world, not just our own lives. 

Vital North Creative is about the journey. We want to help your company, your church, your non-profit, discover what truly matters and shape all other activities to reflect this reality. On the street level, this often results in video production and marketing strategies, but at the end of the day, it has to be more. Our founding principle is believing we can make a difference in this culture and be true to our beliefs. In a real way, forming VNC is a big part of our "Vital North." 

This is the invitation: come discover your Vital North. No matter what your needs are, Vital North promises to be transparent, fair, and to fight for what's best. This usually means we'll push you in the pursuit of the best end product. If you want a safe, pedestrian path, look elsewhere. If you want to create something that has meaning, please contact us. We would love to meet you.